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Design Process

Stone Edge Detailing
Edge Detailing is what makes your kitchen or bathroom project individual. Stylistically, kitchen counter tops and bathroom vanities incorporate a 1-1/2” edge detail. Although the standard slab thickness is 3/4”, an additional 3/4” is laminated to the top surface to create a thicker, richer appeal and then the edge detail is finished to a 1-1/2” total thickness. Click here to view all edge details.
mosaic creation & restoration
Kitchen projects are usually countertops and islands combined with edge detail, splash detail, sinks and indoor or outdoor wet bars. We can help you design creative inserts; for example, a mosaic medallion behind the stove or exotic tiles behind the sink. All projects become highly individualized; an artistic approach combined with exquisite fabrication becomes a custom-made job all its own.
Stone Fireplace
Hearth & Fireplace projects come in a variety of shapes and design details. A wooden mantel may be faced with marble, granite or limestone inserts and a matching hearth. Some hearths may be raised, flat or pre-fabricated; facings can cover an existing brick fireplace, or some may require expert installation of antique stone mantels. Over the years, Greco Granite has developed strategic alliances with vendors specializing in both wood mantels and pre-cast or carved stone mantels to fit any budget.
Template Making is part of the initial process. Once measurements are taken, a template is made of the project to be completed. A template is similar to a sewing pattern; it is usually made of wood and it is used to precisely translate a slab of stone into your beautiful kitchen counter or other natural stone project.

Repair, Restore, Seal are maintenance action words used to describe the project involved. Sometimes there are chips, cracks, fissures, or scratches on your countertop, tabletop or precious antique column that require professional repair and restoration. Renewal of natural stone comes by stain removal, resurfacing and annual sealing and re-caulking. These actions are necessary for the maintenance of your beautiful, natural stone surfaces. Greco Granite can obtain the highest quality of sealers and self-restoring products for your use at home.

Antique natural stone pieces require professional and expert repair and restoration. Do not attempt restoration of your antique stone item on your own- the value of your objet d’art could be significantly reduced as a result.

tile restoration
Creative projects consist of a variety of projects. Examples of some requests have been the mounting and installation of stone garden ornaments, fountains and establishment signage. An elegant outdoor slate table could de designed to your specifications as could a slate base for your precious artwork. Custom made table tops have been ordered for antique side tables or grandmother’s dresser. Several San Francisco hotels and professional cooks have requested the specific design and manufacture of pastry or cheese boards according to their needs. Custom designed mosaics are a huge favorite- no project too small or large.

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